…Football Season

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Football season is here! We are so excited!



We have been looking forward to it all year! One of the (many) reasons that we made the decision to move was that we would actually be able to use our season tickets and go to a few home games! Call us crazy, but we kept our tickets even after we moved to D.C. Why? Well….1) We love Tech…2) Our seats are super awesome and we didn’t want to give them up.

Turns out we had to give up our seats in the Club section anyway because we needed a third seat for Evie. But….we got even better seats on Tech Terrace!


Two weeks ago, we made the trip up to Atlanta and took Evie and Ellie to the game. It was amazing! There was a full buffet with delicious food, full dessert table, and flat screen TVs so we can keep up with the action while were inside cooling off!


The view!


The actual seats were even more amazing! They are super comfortable and they happened to be in the shade the whole time we were out there.


We can’t wait for the next game!

…First day of school

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So, along with the 18 million other things that happened in our blogging hiatus, we moved!! We packed up and moved down to Fernandina Beach, Florida. We decided to move down here because it was closer to family, closer to Tech, more affordable, and on a beach!

We had been talking about enrolling Evie into a Montessori school while living in Alexandria. So, after we moved, we looked to see if there were any in the area and we found Amelia Island Montessori School. We went and toured the campus and observed the classes. We absolutely fell in love with the school and the teachers. Luckily, there was  one spot left in the toddler program and Evie took it!!

Evie started her new school two weeks ago and so far she loves it! She loves her teachers and she’s making all kinds of new friends.


I am so excited for her to be around other kids her age and for her to grow and learn in this new adventure.



…Ellia Bloom

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Once again this blog has been neglected for a few months, but it isn’t because we have had nothing to talk about. It’s because we have had so much going on, I barely have time to take a shower!

First thing’s first…we had a baby!!


Ellia Bloom was born on June 9, 2014 at 2:12pm. She was 7 pounds 5 ounces!

She is an adorable little bundle isn’t she?

She was a quick, easy birth like Evie, but she came much earlier than I had expected! I planned to have family come in a week before my due date so we would have plenty of time to get ready and have someone take care of Evie while we were in the hospital. So that Monday, a week and a day before my due date, I started having contractions. After the third or fourth contraction, I still wasn’t convinced that I was in labor. For some reason, I was expecting it to happen just like my labor with Evie. I expected to be laying in bed, I expected my water to break first, but, it was totally different….of course. Anyway, because Ellie decided to come early, I had my friend come get Evie so we could get to the hospital.

We got to the hospital at around noon, the midwives got the labor pool ready and I got in a little before 2:00pm. Four pushes later… she was born at 2:12! It was wonderful.





We got to spend a couple of days in the hospital getting to know Ellie before we brought her home to meet her big sister.

Evie and Ellia eskimo kiss picture

It took a little bit of time for Evie to understand that we had another member of our family, but I think she has adjusted nicely. She lets us know when she needs some extra attention and snuggles.

We are happily adjusting to everyday life as a family of four!

Mother’s Day

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My mother’s day was completely incredible! Evie gave me the best present of all by sleeping until 8:00am on Sunday morning. That is exactly what this pregnant Mama needed. I also got some new shoes, a balloon (that Evie promptly confiscated), and some delicious chocolates. I was completely spoiled…and it was amazing!


After the glorious extra hour of sleep and gift giving, we got up and got ready to go out for a Mother’s Day brunch. We walked to Fireflies, down the street, to enjoy a delicious breakfast pizza and bluegrass music. The bluegrass band was awesome and Evie couldn’t get enough!


After nap time, we walked down to Old Town Alexandria to get some frozen yogurt. It was really hot out, so froyo was basically the best idea ever. Then, we walked down to the waterfront to let Evie run around and to people watch for a little while.


We were originally planning on grilling steaks for dinner, but on the way home we passed by a tapas restaurant called La Tasca, and decided to grab an early dinner there instead. Holy moly, that place was delicious. We ended up getting a special where we got 6 tapas and a dessert for $40. We had empanadas, paella, steak, lamb chops, and shrimp. Dessert was a traditional cream custard with raspberries. Seriously, the entire meal was to die for. Evie even got a dessert with her kids meal!

Even though we had the most delicious food (for which I didn’t have to cook or clean), and gorgeous weather, the best part of my Mother’s day was getting to spend the whole day with the people who made me a Mommy.


Evie is 2!!

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This past weekend was Evie’s second birthday! We headed down to St. Mary’s, Georgia where Jun’s parents live so we could celebrate the big day with family.

It was seriously the BEST weekend! The weather was absolutely perfect, Evie had such a good time with her grandparents, and Jun and I even got in a little alone time. It was wonderful.

We got there around lunch on Friday, and went to the historic part of St. Mary’s. We sat outside at Sharkbite Bar and Grill and soaked in the warm weather and the cool breeze. After lunch, we walked across the street and took Evie to the playground so she could stretch her legs. On our way, she spotted a huge fountain and ran up to it and literally tried to climb in it. She was yelling for us to take her shoes off and got upset when we told her that the fountain wasn’t for swimming. She quickly got over it though and after a little time at the playground, we headed over to Grandma’s house!


Jun’s parents were kind enough to offer to watch Evie for a little while while we went out to dinner. Alone. It was amazing! We went to Borrell Creek and sat outside on their deck overlooking the marsh. The weather was perfect, the view was gorgeous, and they had live music to keep us entertained! After dinner, we headed to the waterfront to eat some ice cream and enjoy being childless for a little while.


Saturday we woke up early, and let Evie open some of her birthday presents a day early. She got some new clothes, and lots of sand toys that she could take to the beach! Then we got ready to go to the beach! We drove down to Fernandina Beach to let Evie run around, play in the sand, and experience the beach for the first time.

DSC00594 DSC00598 DSC00601 DSC00632 DSC00636

Evie officially loved it. She ran straight down to the water (which was freezing…btw), built sand castles, and collected shells. I thought she might be a little bit scared of the water, but she was such a champ. She loved to run down and stick her feet in and chase her Daddy around. All the sand and sun made us hungry, so we walked up the beach to Sliders Seaside Grill and had lunch. It was so nice to sit outside by the beach, eat, and let Evie run around on the playground. It was a great birthday celebration.

DSC00619 DSC00626

Sunday was Evie’s actual birthday, and Evie woke up requesting “Pampakes”(pancakes) for breakfast. So Grandma made her Mickey Mouse pancakes. They were totally epic, and Evie devoured them. Later on, we did her birthday cake and more presents. One of her big presents was a sweet Radio Flyer tricycle! It was a hit! After it was put together, she wanted to ride on it constantly! We pushed her inside, around the neighborhood outside, back and forth and everywhere else. Every time we tried to come inside there was a epic meltdown because she did not want to get off!


DSC00683 DSC00665

Later, Jun and I got to go on another date. We drove down to Fernandina again and had lunch at a great little restaurant in downtown called Timoti’s Seafood Shak. Then we finished the date off with some yummy froyo at Island Time. Seriously, we had more alone time this past weekend than in the past 6 months put together. Needless, to say it was absolutely amazing, I wish we had the opportunity to do it more often.

Evie had such a great time at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Hopefully we can make another trip down later in the summer!