Hello 2015!

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2014 brought our family our share of difficulties and change, but it also brought us more happiness and joy that we could have ever imagined.

We had some major life changes this year: Evie turned 2, Ellie was born, we moved, and Evie started school!

Here’s a look at our year!

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We are excited to settle down, take in as much as we can, and see what 2015 has in store for us!

Happy New Year!


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Christmas this year was so fantastic! Evie helped pick out our Christmas tree, decorate it and help make cookies for Santa! Not to mention it was Ellie’s first Christmas!


We went the Zoo and had breakfast with Santa where Evie told Santa what she wanted, and Ellie sat on his lap with no tears! Evie’s Christmas list included:  “Anna and Elsa dolls and a soft Wall-E.”



On Christmas Eve, we had a Christmas movie marathon and Evie helped make some seriously delicious chocolate chip cookies for Santa.


Christmas day was such a blur! We woke up around 7:00am and went out to see what Santa brought. Evie was so excited….but a little bit overwhelmed. She didn’t really know what to think of all the stuff at first, but then she got really into opening and playing with the presents. After breakfast, we went over to Grandma’s house to have another Christmas over there.





We have been through so much this year, I am so thankful that we had a wonderful Christmas and that we got to spend it with people we love most.

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Our holiday season kind of started off with Halloween. We were in Atlanta for homecoming so we decided to go trick-or-treating around my Dad’s neighborhood.


Evie has really been into space and astronauts lately, so she decided to be an astronaut for halloween and we dressed Ellie up as a space alien. They were adorable! Evie got some candy and Ellie fell asleep while we were walking around. Evie had such a great time with her aunties and, of course, being able to eat little bit of candy!


Then, before we knew it it was Thanksgiving! We were back up in the Atlanta area to eat good food, spend time with family, and watch the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game.



The holidays are always hectic because we have lots of family that we want to see, but on the plus side…we get to eat a lot of delicious food!  We spent time with all of the grandparents and aunties and uncles. We also watched the Georgia Tech game, and what a game it was! That win over Georgia was a great way to end the holiday weekend!



Go Jackets!




…Football Season

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Football season is here! We are so excited!



We have been looking forward to it all year! One of the (many) reasons that we made the decision to move was that we would actually be able to use our season tickets and go to a few home games! Call us crazy, but we kept our tickets even after we moved to D.C. Why? Well….1) We love Tech…2) Our seats are super awesome and we didn’t want to give them up.

Turns out we had to give up our seats in the Club section anyway because we needed a third seat for Evie. But….we got even better seats on Tech Terrace!


Two weeks ago, we made the trip up to Atlanta and took Evie and Ellie to the game. It was amazing! There was a full buffet with delicious food, full dessert table, and flat screen TVs so we can keep up with the action while were inside cooling off!


The view!


The actual seats were even more amazing! They are super comfortable and they happened to be in the shade the whole time we were out there.


We can’t wait for the next game!

…First day of school

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So, along with the 18 million other things that happened in our blogging hiatus, we moved!! We packed up and moved down to Fernandina Beach, Florida. We decided to move down here because it was closer to family, closer to Tech, more affordable, and on a beach!

We had been talking about enrolling Evie into a Montessori school while living in Alexandria. So, after we moved, we looked to see if there were any in the area and we found Amelia Island Montessori School. We went and toured the campus and observed the classes. We absolutely fell in love with the school and the teachers. Luckily, there was  one spot left in the toddler program and Evie took it!!

Evie started her new school two weeks ago and so far she loves it! She loves her teachers and she’s making all kinds of new friends.


I am so excited for her to be around other kids her age and for her to grow and learn in this new adventure.